As the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em in your own primary, quit and run as a spoiler.”

“Crist to Run as Independent in FL Sen Race”


  • pdiddy

    crust is a coward and a phony, but who’s surprised?

    i’m afraid with the current climate, he actually could win

    but he’s enemy number 1 with tea party now, win or lose in november he’s a party traitor, that’s his legacy

  • Brian H

    If a tree fall in the forest………….

  • Troy La Mana

    He hates Rubio so much that he is willing to hand the seat to the Democrats. What a maroon.

    • Neil Braithwaite

      Don’t panic Troy – read my comment to Nutter.

    • Brian H

      Great point, Troy, which is EXACTLY what I have been trying to point out for two years. The problem with third party candidacies is that they are foolish. A vote for a third party, or no party, candidate is a vote for a Democrat.

      • Troy La Mana

        There is always room for third party candidates as long as they are running for the right reasons. Mega-Ego isn’t one of them.

  • David Kaiser, Editor



    What Would Joe Lieberman Do?

    • Neil Braithwaite

      You can bet the farm that Joe will give his support to Crist.

  • Christopher Nutter

    To say that Crist’s rejection by the party base equals a rejection by his entire constituency is fallacious.

    Does Crist have a realistic chance of winning as an independent?

    • David Kaiser, Editor

      I believe he does, and I’ve already seen polling that confirms that…

    • Neil Braithwaite

      There WILL be a huge backlash against Crist by conservatives and Republicans and it will also help Rubio big time in getting out the vote.

      My sister and best friend live in FL and are very politically active. They just told me if Crist goes through with this, you would be watching his last political campaign. They are even more energized now to get the vote out for Rubio.

  • Alaina Segovia

    I have absolutely no respect for people like that. If your constituents don’t want you, don’t get the other party elected out of spite.

  • Neil Braithwaite

    OK Jason – Please handicap the three horses for this race. You’re on the clock…

  • Stephen Fountain

    I have never heard of that saying. I think you made that up. Or, as the saying goes, “If you can’t think of it, make it up!”

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    Sorry gang, didn’t mean to post and run. Minutes after posting this I was in the car and away from my computer for the remainder of the day. So I guess I DID mean to post and run :)

    I think Crist has a shot, absolutely. The anti-two party sentiment is stronger than ever right now. And it’s not just tea party folks who hate libs and think the GOP has lost its way.

    It’s independents who don’t feel at home anywhere. It’s many “Obama Independents” who are fleeing his ultra-liberal tent but buy the MSM argument that the GOP is the party of “no.”

    Rubio has the edge, no doubt about it, but Crist wasn’t elected governor on accident and he’ll do more than run a solid campaign, he’ll be a threat to win.

    If I’m ranking them, it’s 1. Rubio, 2. Crist and 3. Who cares.

  • Alaina Segovia

    I agree with your ranking, however, the only way I see Rubio losing at this point is if some major scandal surfaces (not that stupid thing about credit card receipts).

    Although I’m a little disappointed with Rubio regarding his stance on the AZ immigration law, he’s still the shining star that people want the GOP to embody.