President Obama made an appeal to new voters for the 2010 elections. Worry that the Democratic Party will lose large numbers of seats in both the House and the Senate have prompted the release of a short video from the President. With recent losses in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, I wonder how affective this will be. I am also surprised at the specification of which particular groups the Democrats hope will support him, and which groups are conspicuously left out. I wonder if this is the “change’ they were looking for.


  • Boru

    I’ll vote for a Democrat before I vote for a neocon.

  • Brian H

    I am a white heterosexual male, I guess I can still vote against Obama!


  • Troy La Mana

    To sum up this speech: White Men need not apply.

    • Rochelle

      Or Asian Americans, or retired Americans, or Native American. When will the descriptive be simply “American?”

    • Rochelle

      But you are right. Some in this nation vilify the White American Male.

  • Red State Eddio

    It’s biology class, kiddies – time for some dissection. A classic case of ‘read my lips, not my actions’. Let’s examine this line by line (imagine the little thought bubbles coming up while he’s speaking):

    1. Economy in crisis – no change yet

    2. View around the world diminished – now changed, only from grudging respect to mocking ridicule

    3. Health care system broken – still is, till 2013 according to your own designs

    4. Bad behavior on WS rewarded – by now working for the Obama Admin

    5. Recovery act – that was dissed by economists as useless, bloated, and ineffective

    6. HC co’s, Wall Street, special interests who ruled – by now being on your staff, or visiting you 40+ times in the last year (Andy Stern, SEIU)

    7. AA’s, Latinos, women, young’uns – white, asian, & elderly people need not apply; but remember, racism is only something spoken against Obama.

    8. Fairer, stronger, more just = socialist America & the end of capitalism and free market society.

    Please, please, please continue to nationalize the elections for 2010.

    Please make it a referendum on your two years in office.

    Please display the finest of Chicago-style thuggery and Maoist tendencies.

    Please continue to cowtow to foreign leaders, coddle up to despots and dictators, while snubbing friends and allies.

    Please continue to come up with hair-brained schemes for ‘equality’ that have no shred of likelihood in reality.

    Please continue to go after FOX, cable, internet, Rush, Beck, and anyone who annoys you.

    Please make it as clear as day who you really are.

    • Christopher Nutter

      Red State Eddio,

      If Obama really were a Maoist, it’s unlikely you’d be alive right now.

      • Red State Eddio

        Only what’s left of the Constitution is in his way…

  • Curious

    I didn’t find it divisive at all, but good job on getting the headline right. And who is it he conspicuously left out – non-senior white males and minority groups other than latinos and african americans was all I noticed? Anyhow, while far from perfect, much of the change is, in fact, exactly what I was looking for.

  • Rochelle

    It is the divisive tone that defines his rhetoric that I take issue with.

  • Bri Clark

    What was that quote that Obama said? Something about how he would rather be a president of one term than worry about his second? If you remember that quote anyone that would be great. But anyways what I’m getting at is sounds like someone is getting a little scared.