I suppose passage of the health care infringement reform gives the US govt license to regulate the American diet. ObamaCare is just a means to an end. As if incurring a fine for noncompliance or picking up the tab for everyone else weren’t bad enough; Big Brother needs to further dabble with menu items and eating habits. I guess they think we’re too stupid to do it ourselves.

Take for instance the salt issue. Earlier this week the FDA announced its plans to regulate the amount of salt in processed foods (a.k.a. a lot of the stuff you buy at the local grocery store). The government interfering in our lives again? I know. Hard to believe.

At least a woman can decide whether or not to kill a fetus inside her womb. But salt? That’s dangerous! What’s next? A recall on all the salt shakers sold in the US?

Pretty soon we’ll be on a monitoring system for carbonated beverage consumption. Or potato chips, Oreo cookies, and Hostess cupcakes. You know…..kinda like buying Sudafed or any nasal decongestant at your local drugstore.

Forget about personal responsibility and self-reliance. Maybe we should hand all decision making over to the Feds. In fact, I’m thinking we need a Food Czar. Just imagine the possibilities! Hmmm. Who could we nominate for that position?

To top it all off, a report claims that school food is making kids unfit to serve. That’s right; I forgot how those evil lunch ladies tie down the students and force them to eat high-calorie meatloaf. Did it escape anyone’s mind that no one actually makes students buy school lunches? Here’s a concept: Bring your own dang lunch!

I’m so glad we have these reports to pin down reasons why kids are unfit to join the military. Because I’m sure that PlayStation, Facebook, text messaging, surfing the web, and overall lack of physical exercise has nothing to do with the obesity “epidemic” amongst youngsters.

Hold on to your chocolate folks; that could be next!


  • Rusty Shackleford


    Has anyone seen the price of arugula at Whole Foods lately?

  • Mrs Rusty Shackleford

    Does salt need to be decreased exponentially? YES. Does the Federal Government need to be the one that does it? NOPE

    School lunches suck and should be fixed, but parents can do that at the local level. Thats why school boards are elected and you get to know the people that work in your administration. It can be done locally and not federally. I love the Food Revolution! BUT IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE DONE WITH MORE LAWS! Use the guidelines that are there and work instead of taking the lazy way out. You can be on budget and have good food, its just easier to not have to think and order crap thats cheap.

    Definite difference in political concepts. I see it as black and white with my friends and neighbors. Either the Federal Government is there to spoon feed us and take the money and spend it for us or we are capable human beings that can do it better than the Federal Government. I’m the capable one. Fed is for infrastructure not to micro manage.

    Oh, and just for grins, to start the drinking game early today…. SOCIALIST! lol

    • http://twitter.com/theatomicmom East of Eden

      Mrs Rusty, I’m glad you mentioned the LOCAL LEVEL. That is where most problems need to be solved. We know what the problems in our communities are, we need to figure out how to solve those problems on our own.

      I’m just going to start hoarding salt now too, I’m going to make room next to my incandescent light bulbs. :)

  • http://www.sotr.us Cordeiro

    I’m pretty sure this whole thing stems from the Obama’s fascination with pie.


  • Brian H

    So. You can use American tax dollars to chop up a helpless human being while it fights for its life, but, you cant feed it saltine crackers?

    May God help us……..soon.