COMCAST and Kelsey Grammer to launch ‘RIGHT NETWORK’…


  • Rob

    No thanks. The last thing we need is a network run by slimy neo-cons.

  • Whodat

    I’m pretty desperate for anything to fill up the space during the empty time of year when there is no football…

    Otherwise, between golf and Fox News, my schedule stays pretty packed…

    Anyway, for me, watching Kelsey Grammer et al is like going into a Starbucks; everybody in the room appears to be smarter than me… On the other hand, I seldom go to Starbucks cause I’m smart enough to know lots of other places to get a better cup of coffee cheaper!

    • Brian H

      “other places to get a better cup of coffee cheaper!”


  • Liz

    Well I’m all over this. For a long time I’ve been thinking, we need a new main news source that isn’t bizarre-o left-o to compete with FOX. I mean Fox is good, and maximum in entertainment, but think what a little competition would do. Plus, I think Kelsey Grammer is funny.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    “Crazy on the Outside” staring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Ray Liotta and Kelsey Grammer isn’t the worst movie I ever saw, but it wasn’t because they didn’t try.

  • East of Eden

    He had me at group hugs and anyone in speedos.

    And I like Kelsey Grammer…so I think I’ll at least check it out.

    • Troy La Mana

      I’m with EoE.

  • Red State Eddio

    I personally like cats on leashes…it’s amusing watching my daughter try to corral it like a dog.

  • Boru

    Nope. It’s put on by the usual suspects.

  • Christopher Nutter

    Nah.. it seems too smooth for me… I prefer my right wing propaganda to be passionately hate-filled.

    • Brian H

      HAHAHAHAHA!!! Love it!!!

      “passionately hate-filled”…HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!

      Is it OK for me to call you “Nutter”? I have gotten into trouble in the past for referring to people as kooks. You don’t know anyone named Kook who would like to blog in PD, do you?

      • Christopher Nutter

        Yeah… that’s one of my acceptable aliases… Nutter, C-Nut, White Chocolate, Young Nutty… it’s all good

    • Alaina

      I’ll second that.