So, I’m not down with tea parties.

I’m sorry; I can’t put my arms around the concept. Tea (Taxed enough already), that certainly applies to me, and probably to most that attend the tea parties, but what does assembling like minded individuals in large groups accomplish? “Never under estimate the gathering of stupid people in large groups” – Dispair Inc.

The Sarah Palins of the world can come and spew patriotic propaganda and get the crowd in a fervor, but at the end of the day, what is accomplished. I don’t know, but what I fear is the spawn of another political party. The tea party eerily reminds me of the original Reform Party, albeit without the financial backing.

Everyone was upset with the then President Bush, we didn’t like the sassy young governor of Arkansas (with no experience), so here comes a self made billionaire with a vision and resources to match. You know the rest, but all that was accomplished is getting a man elected for the first time with fewer than 40% of the vote and holding back the Republican Party for years.

So teach me PD aficionados, why is this better?