In his seemingly endless quest to denigrate the Office of the President, The One continued to bow to, embrace, and otherwise ingratiate himself with communists and pseudo-progressives .


China holds a good chunk of US debt, so one has to wonder if that is the reason The One bowed when they met before the cameras. The angle of his bow wasn’t nearly as steep as it was before the Japanese Emperor or Saudi Arabia’s king. It’s only a matter of time before some Obama apologist trumpets that fact as an improvement.


Here we have The One’s heartfelt embrace of Brazil’s Luis Ignacio “Lula” da Silva. Lula is known to hang out with Iranian thugs and also blames “blonde haired blue eyed” bankers for the financial crisis.


The One reserves his finger waggling for none other than the prime minister of America’s closest neighbor, Canada’s very own Stephen Harper. What did Mr. Harper do to deserve a finger in the face from the President of the United States? I honestly have no idea, but I imagine the fact that Mr. Harper represents Canada’s conservative party might have something to do with it. The One reserves his harshest treatment for America’s friends and allies.

Of these three world leaders, there is but one whose interests even remotely resemble those of the United States, yet he gets the lecture and not the respect. There are some aspects of the American Presidency that cannot be taught. The sad fact of the matter is, Barack Obama doesn’t even appear to be interested in learning.