The wounds are still fresh from the health care battle, but the next major battle for President Barack Obama is looming with today’s announcement that Justice John Paul Stevens, the leader of the liberal bloc on SCOTUS, plans to retire this summer.

The announcement is sure to set the stage for another bloody duel between the Obama Administration and the GOP, pending on who exactly the Obama/Reid/Pelosi triumvirate unveils as the nominee.

The names will surely begin to drop into the media hopper in the next few weeks, as Obama floats some test balloons to see what type of nominee would stand the best chance of getting through unscathed.

Stay tuned!


  • Gary Russell

    This is yet another sign that the Dems internal polling is looking bleak. They can’t see the tidal wave yet, but they know its coming, because they can see all of the rats are running for the hills.

    Now is their best shot at pushing through a hard-core lib. If they wait, they’ll have to settle for a more moderate lib.

  • Troy La Mana

    Stevens is stepping down now because the Democrats know they will lose their majority in November.