Probably not, but his name is one I’ve used a couple times, typically as someone who’d make a great VP candidate (scroll down and you’ll see my comment!) for just about any Republican nominee in 2012.

But this story out of the UK makes a very interesting case for General David Petraeus to run for President.

Many voters yearn for an outsider, someone with authenticity, integrity and proven accomplishment. Someone who has not spent their life plotting how to ascend the greasy pole, adjusting every utterance for maximum political advantage.

In this toxic climate, perhaps the only public institution that has increased in prestige in recent years is the American military. Its officers are looked upon, as General George Patton once noted, as “the modern representatives of the demi-gods and heroes of antiquity”.

The problem is, Petraeus has said over and over again that he has no ambition to run for political office.

Then again, as the article points out, there was a certain freshman senator from Illinois was asked about running for President:

Some note, however, when the future President Barack Obama was asked in February 2007 if he would serve his full six-year term in the Senate (due to expire in 2010), he responded: “If you get asked enough, sooner or later you get weary and you start looking for new ways of saying things.” When asked directly if he would run for the White House in 2008, he said flatly: “I will not.”

So maybe there is some, er, hope that General Petraeus could, uh, um, change… his mind?

Wow! Why does that sentence sound so familiar to me?