Is Feingold done?


Filed Under Races 2010 on Apr 5 

This is not the most glam race of the upcoming campaign season, but can you imagine the GOP’s Giddy Meter if they beat half of the half-brain behind Campaign Finance Reform? And, if JD Hayworth has his way, maybe all of it?

Will Russ Feingold Survive?
By Patrick McIlheran

Russ Feingold, seeking a fourth U.S. Senate term out of Wisconsin, is by now a habit. His state wears him almost unconsciously, the way a rattling old Tercel in front of me at a traffic light still bore its “Feingold in ’04” bumper sticker.

Next to the Feingold sticker was one promoting a food co-op, then another reading, “War is not the answer.”

That’s why Sen. Fixture just may now be in trouble: This year, war isn’t even the question.

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