Bob Brady is a seven-term Democrat who serves the Pennsylvania 1st Congressional District, which is essentially Central and South Philadelphia and parts of Chester County. It is an overwhelmingly Democratic district that has not sent a Republican to the House since 1949. Brady is the chair of the powerful Committee on House Administration. The seat is so Democratic, the GOP didn’t even bother to run someone against Brady in 2006. In 2008, Brady beat his opponent by over 80 points.

Pia Varma, a political unknown, wants to be his Republican challenger, but has to win a battle to even get on the ballot against Brady. Here’s a little video from Pia:

But Pia is currently off the ballot, and here’s more on her battle to get back into the race:

The race for U.S. Rep. Bob Brady’s seat is back on – on paper, anyway. Brady’s sole challenger, Republican and political unknown Pia Varma, on Tuesday appealed a Commonwealth Court decision from last week that removed her from the ballot in the First Congressional District because she failed to submit at least 1,000 valid signatures of registered voters on nominating petitions for her campaign. Varma’s lawyer is Samuel Stretton. The appeal, to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, questions whether Varma was properly served with notice of the court date on the petition challenge and whether laws requiring that circulators of petitions live in the election district are constitutional.

So… what do you think?


  • Boru

    she’s yet another annoying amatuer trying to play politics


    • David Kaiser

      Coming from the annoying amateur trying to play know it all, that’s pretty funny.

  • Brian H

    On a side note.

    Is it just me or is the Dem. Party begining to look like the old tired washington hacks while the Conservatives are starting to look like the fresh, young intellectuals. Other than Lord-Obama, who on the Lib side looks appealing?

    Fresh faced Conservatives
    Marco Rubio
    Paul Ryan
    Scott Brown
    ……and on and on.

    This could be bad news for a potential Romney or Newt run for the roses.

  • dw

    Be still my heart!

    Brian, if you can convince all of the GOP to be like her, you might just win back some of us who have given up on the GOP.

    • Brian H

      That might be a bit tough to pull off, dw. All I can say is that the GOP is most definately NOT like Obama. Hopefully that alone will be enough to convince people that a vote against the GOP is a vote for Obama.

  • Brian H

    I think I might just carpetbagit to the Pennsylvania 1st just to vote.

  • Red State Eddio

    Am I getting old, or did she just graduate from electoral college?

    • Alaina

      Easy… She’s my age…

    • Brian H

      You are just getting old.

  • Alaina

    Uh…. can’t post a comment… must send her a check NOW!!!

  • Troy La Mana

    Now there’s a candidate that I can get behind!
    Hey, knock that off, I know what you were just thinking.

    • Brian H

      Your a bad man.