Reduce Govt footprint

So, this “historic” healthcare reform is now law.

We all know, we’re bummed, we’re mad, etc, etc, etc. In fact, I had my own verbal in person and online temper-tantrum yesterday. Believe me it was good, but in no way pretty! My very calm and mild-mannered husband even let a few choice words slip too. On facebook all sorts of new groups sprung up:

1 Million against Obamacare!
10 Million against Obamacare!!
I Hate Obamacare!!!

And my personal favorite:

345,267,196 Against Obamacare!!!!, my brother joined that one for the snark factor I’m sure.

Ok, let’s just agree on a few things; there are a lot of us out there that don’t like Obama and his healthcare. We can agree we think he hangs out with skeevy people, and that he’s hung the ‘KICK ME’ sign out on the front door of the USA.

So what?

Yes, you read that right, so what!

The pity party needs to end and we need to move on, roll our sleeves up and get our hands in and get them dirty. It’s what we always do as Americans. I for one will always choose this to just letting life pass me by. I’m going kicking and screaming into the dark night.

What are you going to do to ‘take back the country’ or ‘defeat the liberal menace’ or however you want to phrase it? What are you going to do? Have you joined your county GOP, or Conservative, or Libertarian Party? Have you volunteered to be a ward chairman or a precinct chair? Have you signed up to be an election judge? Will you knock doors circulating petitions? Have you decided to run for school board or city council? Have you invited your friends into your home to talk about how to make a positive impact on your community? Are you recommitting yourself to calling and writing your representative? Will you attend a Tea Party rally, or a tax protest? Will you attend ‘office hours’ of your elected officials? What are you going to do?

We have to get involved and make a difference even more. The pity party and grouse fest must end today. I’ve joined the county GOP and will be attending a Tax Day Tea Party. I’m going to volunteer at election HQ as the primary and general elections near. I’m going make sure my friends know what I belive and why. I am going to pass on the information I have on the issues and make sure that my family and friends know what’s going on. Because I am a religous person, I am going to pray more too. I am going to teach my son American History and why this nation was founded and why it is GREAT!! I am going to be a good American.

Now, who wants to get out and work?