Today is a new day in America. We have evolved into the land of social entitlements rather than freedom, and the home of the unprincipled cowardly. We have moved from our word being our bond to back room lying to bold face lying on national television for everyone to see and hear with no thought to or concern of the consequences. We no longer fear God, we only fear men.

This country has progressed down this path for some time, with the passage of the healthcare bill, we took a giant leap. Telling insurance companies that they must cover everyone and everything and regulating how much they can charge will inevitably put them out of business. It is that simple. A single-payer system with no competition to promote innovation is on the way.

Once single-payer is in place, we will effectively have a command and control economy, as by many estimates governments already control approximately 30-35% of GDP (federal, state, and local, but the federal government has so many matching “grant”, it effectively has full control). Add to this 3-4% of GDP from the auto industry and 17-22% in healthcare and the government directly controls roughly half or more of the economy. We can’t even quantify what percentage of the economy the government indirectly controls through other funding sources or hiring requirements.

As a greater percentage of our economy becomes a command economy, which, by the way, has such a fantastic track record, inefficiencies will increase dramatically resulting in the decrease of wealth creation. This, of course, leads to a reduction in government revenue, which leads to government programs being underfunded. When government programs become underfunded, either more money must be printed or cutbacks must occur. If we print even more money, we will inflate its value away to hyperinflation, taking away our freedom to earn enough to care for ourselves, making us fully reliant on the government, becoming the serfs that Hayek warned of.

If we chose to avoid inflation, cutbacks are inevitable. The purpose of cutbacks is obviously to save money. The elderly, even if they could afford healthcare will be cut off, because they are a “burden on society”. Babies with medical conditions will be written off and not treated. This is also why keeping government-funded abortions in the bill was so critical. Did you pay test positive for Down Syndrome? Abort. Government will play God, but “for our own good”. But then comes even more, every aspect of our lives will be regulated.

Our freedoms will disappear as the government regulates what and how much we can do in all aspects of our lives, claiming it to be “for our own good” and to prevent these “burdens on society” because Big Brother knows best. These regulations from the Ministry of Love will know no bounds, as the broad powers given to maintain the health of society will be applied in any circumstance.

With that, I would like to welcome you, my fellow comrades to Oceania. A wonderful place where you must avoid thoughtcrimes toward Big Brother, as he knows best. Where we aren’t sure if there is a God, but we are doubleplus certain that Big Brother will care for us. We will believe him when he tells us auto sales and production are up 200% year over year, even when we see no new cars in our neighborhoods because we have faith they must be somewhere. Remember, freedom is slavery, as you cannot be trusted to manage your own lives. You will be a slave to your poor choices, therefore the Ministry of Health must make them for you. However, we will not provide the details of how the Ministry of Health so skillfully cares for you, as ignorance is your greatest strength. Don’t worry, be happy. Just know that you have the best healthcare in the world, because Big Brother would never let you down. He is here for the little guy, providing him equal results.

If you don’t believe in Big Brother’s goodness, you will. Remember, there are three stages, learning, understanding, and finally acceptance. You will accept the benevolence of Big Brother and The Party or you will no longer be a burden on society.