For want of a spine


Filed Under Healthcare on Mar 20 

Since January of 2009, I have had the abject misfortune of being represented by the (less than) Honorable Gerald Connolly (D-Nancy Pelosi). He was swept into high office on The One’s coat tails and has done his level best to represent his party masters in every way possible.

In short, my congressman is a weasel. And a cowardly one at that. He voted for Porkulus, Cap & Tax & Tax & Tax & Tax, and is a co-sponsor of the Obamacare bill currently set for a House vote tomorrow morning. He has lashed himself to The Pelosi and does a far better job representing her interests than he does mine.

Now, dear reader, for all my bluster here at PD and on other sites in the Blogosphere, I’m not exactly what one would call a “political activist”. I have a full time job, full time grad school, and a full time family. If I’m lucky, I get an occasional nap. Having said that, this impending health care “reform” package has caused me to make first contact with my congressional representative. I’ve called his office and sent him several emails letting him know in no uncertain terms my opposition to his actions.

He has seen fit to condescend to my level but once, in the form of a form-letter in which he took every single Pelosi-Reid talking point and simply cut and pasted them on the screen. Whatever his office staff budget is, it’s much too high. The guy just parrots what his party masters tell him to say. I’d love to say I’ve been able to actually meet him at one of the several town hall meetings he claims to have held over the past year. The sad fact of the matter is, the one meeting I found out about was held inside a gated community with limited invitation.

Today, I found out that my congressman has decided (most likely it was decided for him) that he will vote “yes” on the Obamacare monstrosity if it comes to the floor tomorrow. Being very angry at this announcement, I tried to call my congressman and voice my displeasure. He has three offices in Northern Virginia. Every single call went to voicemail and every single voicemail box is full. Somehow I doubt any of the messages come from grateful people who just can’t wait to turn their health care decisions over to a federal bureaucrat.

My congressman has seen fit to go into lockdown and hide from the very people he claims to represent. Thus I repeat my initial assertion: My congressman is a spineless coward. Yes, Gerry. I’m calling you out. Care to prove me wrong? Answer your phone. Answer your email. In short, do your [expletive deleted] job.

There are two Republicans vying to send the Cowardly Connolly to the unemployment line come November. Pat Herrity and Keith Fimian. I haven’t made my mind up between the two, but either one would do a better job than the current clown.

Memo to Gerry Connolly: I hope you saved the boxes from your most recent office move. You’ll be needing them shortly. End Memo.