From PoliticalDerby’s favorite guest contributor:

On the rolling average,
From a spread of plus 43.3 points on 1/27/09
Obama, Messiah, Anointed, O-Bomb, The One,
Has just gone negative: red-above-black line.

Today, March 19, 2010 shall be infamous in
Infamy and Forever as the bestest ever day;
When America, on average, polled “no, no, O”,
When most Americans shrugged, turned away.

His ineptness? His naivete? His arrogance?
Who can say zackly say why his black line drop?
All I know is most middle-class folks like me
Don’t like that fool and believe he be a flop!

What happens now, as his red line rockets?
Has his spell been broken? Forever to be
Obama the scorned, ridiculed and humiliated?
Sounds like a plan to me!

Meanwhile, on campuses, liberals are wailing,
Intellectuals are gnashing their yellow teeth,
The NPRs and NBCs are in shock and awe, whilst
The CBSs and CNNs be comatose in disbelief.

Whodat know dat’s right!