Obama has to be desperate to accept an interview on Fox News.  You know… that “entertainment” channel.  However, we all know that he needed to reach a bigger audience and FNC has four times the viewers as any other cable network.

Rather than conducting the interview with someone like Bill O’Reilly, who has a reputation for going after his guests when they don’t answer his questions, Obama chose Bret Baier, a seemingly mild mannered host.  I saw his interview with O’Reilly right before the 2008 election and I saw the interview with Bret Baier.  He should have gone with O’Reilly.

Bret – Congratulations and thank you from every American for asking tough questions and demanding answers from the President.

To everyone else in the media – That’s how it’s done.  Take notes.  You can watch it multiple times if needed.


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  • Whodat

    I was sooooooo proud of Bret! Of course, the entire gang at Fox and the business plan they work from is inspiring to me, but Bret set the bar as far up as it can be.

    He did not growl nor bark, he just used facts, well researched, well prepared, to extract pounds of political flesh from he who is so worshiped by the MSMs.

    Bret gives us all hope and inspiration. I am determined to be a better voice for conservative values as a result of watching that pro work…