Nevada News & Views reports that Floyd Brown, producer of the now famous “Willie Horton” commercial that helped defeat Michael Dukakis and Gary Kreep the Chairman of the Republican Majority Campaign PAC, have teamed to launched a new independent expenditure ad campaign that exposes the corrupt connections between Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), MGM Mirage (NYSE-MGM) and the ruler of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Legacy Committee PAC and the Republican Majority Campaign PAC, hired Brown, a long time Republican strategist, to concept a series of powerful 30-second television ads exposing Harry Reid’s longtime record of political corruption.

“The ad focuses on the close relationship between triad Reid, Al Maktoum and the CEO of MGM Mirage, CEO James Murren,” said Brown. “The bottom line is that the taxpayers and citizens of Nevada pay a terrible price because of the collusion between this corrupt triumvirate. Education and other essential services are being cut in Nevada because of MGM and Al Maktoum’s unwillingness to pay the cost of gaming regulation. While, at the same time, they short change the Nevada budget, they are pouring resources into making sure that their favorite political protector, Senator Harry Reid, is re-elected. These connections begin to explain why Harry Reid, the so-called poor public servant from Search Light is now a multi millionaire.”

According to Kreep, the ad is set to begin running in Las Vegas on March 15, 2010. “The buy for this, and already produced future ads, will be extended around the state in weeks to come.”

The Republican Majority Campaign PAC has extensive experience in independent expenditures. In the last election cycle they raised and spent over 4.5 million dollars in numerous independent expenditure campaigns. Together with Legacy Committee PAC, they have launched an innovative website covering this campaign called Please watch the website for further developments.

A News Conference is scheduled for Monday, March 15 on the Las Vegas Strip at the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign from 11:30 until 12:00 pm, Pacific Time, featuring Reid ad producer Floyd Brown and PAC President Gary Kreep, discussing the impact of the ad airing in Las Vegas, and to show the news media a copy of a second ad to be released after the news conference.

Note: MGM Mirage, Inc (my former employer) has just announced that they are pulling out of New Jersey by placing their 50% stake in Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in a divestiture trust after the regulatory group found problems with its partner in a Macau casino. Rumor has it that the company’s Macau business partner, heiress Pansy Ho, was found to be “unsuitable” due to apparent ties to organised crime.

If these further ties to corruption are established then the owner of half of the Las Vegas Strip is in deep trouble.

I’ll post the ad once it becomes available.