Obama’s pivot promise


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In the run up to the State of the Union Show, much hullabaloo was made about The One’s graceful pivot from a health care focus to one centered on jobs. He would stretch forth his mighty hand and command the economy to create jobs for his followers. Then the stormy economy would calm itself, the purses of the fat cat greedy Wall Street corporate CEOs would be loosed and there would be employment and happiness for all

And rainbows. Oh, and unicorns too. Don’t forget the unicorns.

So, last week I was very surprised to come across a headline which began with an eye catching phrase:

Obama calls ‘entrepreneurship summit’

I was astounded. The One was going to call a summit on a subject which, unlike his healthcare lecture-a-thon, would actually focus on something that could build the economy rather than destroy it. Entrepreneurship is the backbone of economic growth. It is born of people taking risks in order to reap the rewards offered only by a free market economy offering rewards for taking said risks. Entrepreneurship stimulates economic growth. Economic growth stimulates job creation. Job creation equals employment which in turn means happiness for all.

I’m not sure about the rainbows or unicorns. But I digress.

Then I read the rest of the headline:

Obama calls ‘entrepreneurship summit’…with Muslims

Now, now, dear reader, don’t get me wrong. I believe Muslims have as much right to make an honest buck as do I, you, or The One. On paper, I have no problem with The One holding court with Muslims from 40 countries in five continents and encouraging them to promote entrepreneurs in their respective nations. Spreading free market capitalism is a good thing to do.

It would be nice, however, if The One were to attempt this same thing at home first before he tries to sell the idea to other nations.

I’m no Larry Kudlow, but I can read a stock ticker as good as the next observer and I can tell you there is a lot of evidence out there that many of the people possessed of the same entrepreneurial spirit The One purports to want to export to the Muslim world are sitting on the sidelines. They, and their money, is in a holding pattern while watching to see just exactly how many of The One’s radical policies actually end up being enacted. If they see, or even perceive that The One will confiscate the rewards of their labor at too high of a rate, they will sit on their money – and all the job creation potential contained therein.

Anybody who has ever run a business – successful or otherwise – has done that calculation. Even the neighborhood kid running a lemonade stand will fold up his cardboard sign and have the dog tow the wagon back home if his operating costs turn TV watching into a better option.

If I were a representative from the “Islamic World” attending The One’s summit, I would be very skeptical. The One has never run a business, never taken a risk with his own money, and up until January of 2009 it can be truthfully argued that he never held a real job. How is it then that The One can hold himself out as one who can speak authoritatively on the rewards of entrepreneurship? The truth is, he can’t. Neither can over 90% of his cabinet.

The summit is scheduled to run for two days – April 26-27 of this year. That equates to roughly sixteen hours of stage time. If The One and his minions get to talk about all they know in regards to entrepreneurship, I’m wondering what will be on the agenda for the other fifteen hours and forty-five minutes.

Maybe rainbows. Rainbows with a chance of unicorns.