Having tea in Brighton


Filed Under Races 2010 on Mar 1 

It’s contagious. Even the Brits, composed as they are known to be, have gotten a little exuberant about protesting their government spending issues. And believe me, if you thought we had it bad – wow, they’ve got it worse. Their debt is 12.6 of GDP; Greece is 12.7, and the Greek state is falling apart. That’s like hanging onto the outside of an airplane while it’s in the air – you’d better have a darn good grip, or you’re going down fast.

Revered conservative and PD hero Daniel Hannan decided to host an American style Tea Party protest with only 2 days notice – and they packed the house. They were expecting 50, and over 300+ showed up. It was wildly received. And they did serve the real stuff – a spot of tea, what?

Here he is being interviewed just ahead of the event on Friday.

Me thinks pockets of common sense are starting to break out around the world.