In an interview with Newsmax, Jeb Bush began the interview by saying he doesn’t know if he’ll endorse Marco Rubio or Charlie Crist for the US Senate, however, he didn’t pull any punches as he lambasted Crist for his support of Obama’s massive stimulus package.


  • Gil Rice

    Wonder if Hoo Dis was so facetious after 9/11, when we were safer.

    • Whodat

      Nope. I liked W at first, but he peaked early. Then he got into Viet-nam style conflicts without a real plan and otherwise spent money like a Democrat on crack.

      He left us the Obama-Reid-Pelosi legacy. I shall never forget W (which stands for “Worst”).

      Of course, thanks to his daddy’s “read-my-lips” and 1000 points nonesense, daddy’s legacy was Bill Clinton. Wonder what disaster would follow a Jeb presidency; the trendline would indicate only the anti-Christ could get worse than the previous two…


  • Whodat

    All very interesting to some,I’m sure,
    But, I am afraid not at all to me;
    When it comes to a Bush or his
    Opinion, I’m unintereted as I can be.

    Two Bushes didn’t make a right,
    In fact, both spent money like the left!
    And, both were so poor in their style
    We then got Dems; Now, that ain’t deft!

    So, Jeb, be gone. Go away. Scat. Scram!
    No interest in any Bushie have I, Get Out!
    I don’t give a damn what you think or
    Who you like, or what you’re talkin’ about!

    Whodat say Bushes are like weeds – dey mess up dat yard!

    • Red State Eddio

      You get so inspired when it comes to the Bush family.