Bring back the party of Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor!


  • AWB

    The Whigs also struggled with internal unity over other issues. Essentially, they emerged as an opposition to Andrew Jackson. They agreed they didn’t want Jackson and his proteges like Van Buren and Polk, but often didn’t agree on much else (e.g. slavery, tariffs, states rights, etc.). It’s suggestive that the only times they won the presidency, they did so by running colorful generals against bland Democratic candidates. Both of those generals in turn died and left the office to fairly bland VPs.

    Still, I love the shirt and kind of want one! :-) Not sure if I want it badly enough to put my money where my mouth is though….

  • East of Eden

    I LOVE this! You could do so much with this name….

  • Clint

    I have always wondered about the Whigs. I know the Republicans came out of the Whigs, but was it just a rename or were there policy differences?

  • David Kaiser, Editor

    The Whigs split over slavery. How to handle new states into the Union and if they were to be slave or free states fractured the party. The voter base latched on to the Republican Party, which had been founded by the anti-slavery faction of the Whigs.

    Lincoln was actually a Whig before becoming a Republican.

  • dw

    I prefer the DRIP party – Don’t Return Incumbent Politicians. Replace the ENTIRE group. Time for a real change.