The slow motion train wreck


Filed Under Races 2010 on Feb 25 

I must confess I didn’t get a chance to watch much of the heralded “health care summit” today. When I did get to watch it, I was reminded of US Deputy Marshal Samuel Girard’s first reaction to the train wreck scene in The Fugitive:

My, my, my…what a mess!

The One summoned DC’s political heavy hitters to Blair House with the intention of hammering out some sort of compromise on the only signature campaign issue he has left – that of socializing the American medical system. Over the course of my professional career, I have been required to sit through more than my fair share of meetings. On occasion, I’ve had to conduct these meetings so I can reliably tell you running an effective meeting is not nearly as easy as it looks.

Today, The One made having drug free wisdom teeth extraction seem a welcome alternative to sitting through – let alone running – that sorry excuse for a meeting of the minds. I have never in all my years seen a more inept person attempt to run a meeting. It was (painfully) obvious The One is not accustomed to engaging in an exchange of ideas among equals. Whenever he asked a question of an opponent, and the opponent dared to attempt an answer, The One simply kept repeating his talking points until the opponent shut up. Dare to bring a copy of the bill in question to the table? Shame on you Mr. Cantor.

Yeah, Barry. This was really effective.

I don’t question the need to effectively reform this nation’s health care system. That said, I didn’t see any serious attempt by The One and his merry band of thugs to fix what ails the system. All I saw was what can only be defined as a bad joke on a second rate sitcom. Most of the exchanges I saw went something like this:

Un-named elected official: Oh great and wise Oracle of Obama-ness! Health care is so bad in my state…

The One: How bad is it?

Un-named elected official: Health care is so bad in my state that… (insert hyperbole here)

I mean seriously, did listening to North Dakota’s own Kent Conrad whine about his father-in-law’s drug regime really advance the cause of American medicine? C’mon, Kent! Do you honestly believe a government bureaucracy would do a better job at sorting out an old man’s meds than would someone who actually cares about him?

Dear reader, this farce of a health care summit was far and away the worst government exercise I have ever seen or otherwise witnessed. I’ve seen congressional sub-committee hearings broadcast on CSPAN at three o’clock in the morning that were better organized and accomplished more substantive results than this meeting of our nation’s highest elected leaders.

So, tell me. Having watched any part of that meeting, are you in any way confident of the ability of any of those people in that room to reform this nation’s health care system in any way, shape, manner, or form? I sure as blazes am not.