An interesting news item crossed my desk this AM. Apparently the Congress is pushing a bill that would create a separate race-based government for native Hawaiians, similar to that of an Indian tribe. Pres Obama has promised to sign the bill if it comes to him.

This troubles me on many levels. First, doing anything “based on race” is racist. The only way we’re going to get past racial issues in this country is to stop obsessing about them. I was sure Obama was supposed to be post racial or something, but it seems he and his people like to push the race card all the time. Second, living where I do in Northern New Mexico, surrounded by no less than 5 different Native Nations, and having taught on “The Rez” I have seen firsthand the failure of tribal governments and the Federal government where their people and tax monies are concerned. Third, how does this bring people together? It doesn’t. This will undermine state and local governments in Hawaii and add a new layer of government and corruption to an already over govererned nation and will pit Anglo against Hawaiian. Finally, it sets a dangerous precedent. What group will want their own nation next? I’m of English, Scottish, German, and Danish descent. If we get enough of those people together can we get our own nation too?

If I remember correctly the refrain states, “One nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all”. Creating a separate government for native Hawaiians certainly will not further this end.