The latest phrase to describe the Obama Admin and the Dem Congress? As a matter of fact, no. it’s the description of the Republican held Senate in 2005, when the Repub’s wanted to use the “nuclear option” on judicial nominees that the Dem’s were holding up – the same tactic the Dem’s want to use to pass health care (reconciliation).

A rather lengthy list of Democrats sounding extremely righteous in their criticism of it.

Biden (a classic as always): “I pray God that we don’t we don’t make the kind of naked power grab you are doing.”

So, now that you do have the power, have you decided that it’s all of a sudden OK to try these ‘arrogant naked power grabs’?

Incredible display of hypocrisy…


  • Troy La Mana

    Yes McCain, you have seen climate change, it’s called Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

  • Liz

    Yep snakes and spiders come out of these guys mouths every time they open, hypocrites.

    John McCain:”I have been all over the world and I have seen climate change.” Freakin’ rocket scientist this guy. Retire McCain with dignity.

    • German Observer

      Do you really have doubts about climate change?

      • Red State Eddio

        Does climate change occur? All the time.

        Is man the prinipal factor in making that happen? Not on your life.

        Can we change the scope of the issue by wearing eight layers of clothing and using flourescent light bulbs and returning to caves and allowing animals to roam free? No.

        Should we be good stewards of our resources simply because we value our land and resources and what benefits they derive? Sure.

        But do we need to be some kind of slave to Al Gore and react in a panicked mode of fear and desperation because the sky (or in this case the ozone layer) is falling? No. This isn’t Europe. We don’t worship Algore over here. We might even throw stones at his energy-sucking, carbon crushing compound that he lives in.

        • German Observer

          RSE (Hi there, by the way), I guess I missed your basic point.

          If it is, that climate change is basically not manmade, I disagree, as obviously there are quite a few indicators, that it is indeed manmade. At least i wouldn’t like to take the risk to be wrong at that point.

          And if your basic point is, that you climate change is not that much of a story as partys you don’t like (Europeans and Al Gore) show more concern than the “average” American, I call it stubborn, to say the least.

          • Red State Eddio

            Yes, my basic point is that man-made climate change is not the hysterical, world ending mega-drama that Algore and the others have concocted it to be (and has cashed in nicely on).

            One of the latest refutations as an example:

            And another:

            (and don’t try to rebut with articles written in 2009 or earlier. This is the latest info, which should be taken as the most accurate due to new evidence entered in the last 6 months)

            We get the impression over here that Algore is worshipped over in Europe, and that Europe as a whole has given into this mass hysteria more than many in the US. We’re not going to follow that train.

            And the stone throwing is in reference to his house in TN, which is reputed to be one of the most eco-unfriendly residential dwellings in the state. Kinda lika little hypocritical, wouldn’t ya say?

          • German Observer

            RSE, I am not going to discuss this matter based on your proof or based on papers I could research to support my concerns. I guess this discussion is an ongoing process, or do you think, that it would stop with the papers you posted? As a scientist I tell you that the state of our current wisdom always is just the state of our current error.

            Furthermore I wouldn’t believe you, that you saw climate change as a serious threat just before the studies you cited wered released. The fact and the matter is that I think we should not take the risk to ignore climate change and the (in my opinion rather high) probability that it is manmade. See, though I personally believe that human embryos up to a certain date are nothing else than a allocation of cells, I am personally anti-abortion. I simply cannot be sure. I can not be sure about if my believe is right and I cannot be sure about that “certain date”. So as a consequence in my personal life I can rule out, that an abortion would ever happen and as far as legislation is concerned I support very, very strict regulations. I think we should deal with climate change the same way: there is a quite a possibility for manmade climatechange and the consequences for us, the third world and our ancestors are quite clear. So to ignore it would be rather irresponsible.

            As to Gore: worshipping is definetly the wrong word, at least for Germany. It was recognized that and why he received the nobel prize, but that’s it basically. His film was in the cinemas for less than a week I assume and 95% of the people wouldn’t even recognize his name today. The discussion about climate change is much more shaped by rather different people, mostly scientists and journalists. Gore is just a sidenote here.

  • Gary Russell

    “Biden” and “naked” in the same sentence…frightening.

    Unfortunately, not nearly as frightening as the way that he and his ilk are running our country into the ground and into debt.