On the lighter side of politics, one gubernatorial candidate in Utah, Richard Martin, took time in the list of his stands on various issues to pass along this interesting tidbit that is sure to rattle the cages:

Some issues don’t seem that important, but they can make our lives a bit more enjoyable. For example:
License plates: The state can provide European style plates for those willing to pay for them. They look great on some vehicles that have the space, and make some cars look better.

Now I personally am against said license plates because these imports will surely take the jobs of hundreds of American inmates, who will have to go on the prison unemployment dole and become even more of a burden to the state then they already are.

But they certainly are stylish, aren’t they? And this one even has my initials!


  • Liz

    How do you make it fit the car?

  • http://twitter.com/theatomicmom East of Eden

    Rusty…meet Idaho. Half of my family lives there. They never have apprecaited my tater-tot jokes either!!

    And Brian you left off one important thing on your list: women can now let their chin hair grow out. There is just nothing like a big hairy smooch from your favorite Babichka. (Seriously!!) :)

  • Rusty Shackleford


    I hate being the conspiracy theorist amongst the group (after all, I didn’t vote for Ron Paul) but I’ve long held a belief that Idaho doesn’t really exist. I’ve never been their, never met anyone that’s ever been their, and the 1 or 2 “tin hat” wearers that claim a fame to “Idaho” can’t name me more that 5 towns.

    I think Kristin is a plant from the “mainstream liberal media (MLM) and is on a propaganda campaign to promote Coeur d’Alene “Idaho” but we all know that’s actually in Washington. Why else would you fly in to Spokane?

    So although this is a cute story, it is just a front to socialized medicine, Iranian nuclear weapons, the socialization of America, and “The Mouse That Roared” that RON PAUL did in fact win the CPAC straw poll and he will be anointed the Republican nominee.

    Resistance is futile

    You will all be assimilated

    • kristen

      Who said anything about Idaho?

      I think you need to lay off the crack…..

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Good Lourde,

        Utah, How did I get Idaho from Utah. My bad. I guess if Ron Paul was in charge I could get crack legally from hard working Americans.

  • Brian H

    Hey. Why not? Our Dear Leader wants to move us toward European style socialism, so why not auto plates as well?

    While we are at trying to be more like the Euros I have a few other sugestions of what Americans can adopt to be more like Euro friends.

    1. Avoid frequent showers.
    2. Women stop shaving.
    3. Men wearing Speedos on the beach.
    4. Fights at soccer games…when we start going to soccer games.
    5. Tanless pasty skin.
    6. Chain smoking.
    7. Start a couple World Wars.
    8. Driving on the left side of the road.
    9. Selling out David Hasselhoff concerts.
    10. Start hating America.

    • kristen

      Yeah, I think I’ll pass.

  • http://www.wildfiretreasures.com/ Troy La Mana

    At least you guys don’t have to worry about Cannon any longer.

    • kristen

      Don’t you know it!

  • kristen

    Oh my gosh…..I think I’m in agreement here. (Something’s amiss in the universe.) ;-)

    Being a Utah resident, I just shake my head. Another dumb idea; esp at a time like this. As if we need to be more like Europe. This guy is an unknown and probably won’t go very far.

    • David Kaiser

      And you thought I hated you!

  • http://www.wildfiretreasures.com/ Troy La Mana

    Another step towards one world government.