First, a disclaimer: I did not go to CPAC, didn’t watch any of the speeches, noticed only a few headlines about it, and of course, I am not a Ron Paul fan.

Instead, I thought I’d write a fresh post on the issue of the main message coming from CPAC last weekend. As we’ve all been made aware, Ron Paul stole…er, rigged…I mean, won the straw poll released on Sunday (that was for all the conspiracy theorists among us).

Whether or not Ron Paul is the man to lead the masses is beside the point. The message is loud and clear: fiscal restraint and responsibility need to be the leading edge, the rallying cry, and the media message this fall. Smaller government, fiscal discipline, and individual liberties all lie at the heart of what Paul has championed over the years. Regardless of whether we think Ron Paul is a crazy old coot, or a long-lost wandering extra from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, his message is sinking in with a growing percentage of people. Maybe CPAC was a tipping point.

Even if we take out half of his “supporters”, Ron Paul still ends up at 15%. He finishes second. Second. We all knew Mitt would pull numbers; but for Paul to get that many, and for the rest of the pack to poll so low, illustrates the point. The people want action; they want something done. Enough of the personality games and Fox News show hosts; we need real action in real time. There’s too much at stake, and not much time left, especially as the Communist-in-Chief keeps transforming us into a “Workers’ Paradise” more and more each day.

If we don’t secure the purse strings soon, there will be no treasury left. We will become vassals of the Chinese. They may even start calling us “Taiwan East”. Our military will not only be unable to sustain their campaigns; they may even need to go through massive reductions in force and strength, thus rendering our own country vulnerable, or neutering us as our interests around the world are violated and taken away.

Republicans, ignore the message at your own peril.

To be fair, there are some who already get it. Mike Pence gets it. Paul Ryan, whose Roadmap for America is the most appealing thing out there right now, gets it. Demint and Coburn get it. My own HR Rep Platts gets it. But the fact that I can name individuals should tell you how dispiriting it is that I can’t just lump all the Repubs together and say that they all get it.

Republicans, if you don’t hear this message and embrace it like you’re squeezing the life out of Angelina Jolie, two things willl happen:

1 – there will come a third party split, one that will definitely affect you more negatively than any of the moderate or conservative Dems still possibly remaining in the Dem party. This will lead to…

2 – Obama dumping a crap load of his nation-destroying agenda on us for 6 more years, with the consequences reverberating for a decade, if not a generation.

It’s morning in America, Republicans. The six AM alarm is going off. You gonna get it?