I was reading an article about someone who listed as one of their primary influences in life Walt Disney. My eight-year-old daughter happened to be reading the article over my shoulder and asked what it meant for someone to be an influence. After I explained it she told me Walt Disney was a bad man. You should have seen the look on on my face. My eight year old daughter just said Walt Disney was a bad man!!! This is the same girl who loves Disney princess everything, who would watch three Disney movies every day if we would let her, and whose dream vacation is (or was) Disney World.

So naturally I asked her why Walt Disney was a bad man. She told me he cut down trees and covered water in swamps to build Disney World and this made him a bad man. I asked her who told her this. She responded, “My teacher”. I was then and two days later am still disgusted, frustrated, and extremely annoyed by this. School is not for indoctrinating our children with someone’s social values. It is for teaching math, science, true history, and language.

Now we are reaching the apex one well-laid plan (of many) from the 1930s. As evidence, read this plaque I look a picture of in the Smithsonian American History museum when I was in Washington DC on 9/12/2009 with around 1,000,000 of my closest friends:

“Progressive educators” desired a “more standardized education”. This way they could indoctrinate the rising generations (oh the history I’ve had to relearn!) and now I have to constantly quiz my daughter on what she was taught due to the need to reteach her! She is taught so many fallacies, such as FDR being the greatest President of all time and that we should never drive our cars. Apparently her teacher missed all the parts where FDR attempted to unravel the constitution (and in many ways did) and how transportation allows us to grow the economy by doing important things such as work, not to mention taking the children to school for more of this indoctrination! When children in school are taught this kind of drivel it is no wonder each new generation is more confused, lost, and lacking moral grounding.


  • kristen

    And it’s just going to get worse. Word to the wise: Be involved in your child’s education!

  • dw

    Scott – why have you not pulled your daughter out of the government indoctrination camps?

    My wife and I saw in Kindergarten (1995) that public education was not best for our daughter. We committed to financially sacrificing so that our children had a better education.

  • Red State Eddio

    Look at this through the lens of free market choice. Right now, education is a state-controlled monopoly, and a poorly run one at that. Now imagine having viable, thriving, effective alteratives to that – home school, charter school, cyber schools, private schools, parochial schools (which I did when I was a lad).

    Right now, over a million kids are homeschooled. Wait till that number reaches 5 million, 10 million, etc. The public schools will continue to erode down the PC destruction highway, while kids in all these alternative pathways thrive. That is the future of education in America over the next 10-20 years. Bank on it (no bailout required).

    The key issue, more than any other, is whether or not the parents are willing to sacrifice time and money to do it. My wife, who is next in line for sainthood, saw the value and worth of it, and has enjoyed it, despite the financial setback it left us with her not working full-time.

    Not trying to put down anyone not HS-ing at all. Everyone’s situation is different – I understand that. But if you have the chance, try it out. Each year, we poll our kids and ask which they’d prefer; every year so far, they resoundingly want to keep doing homeschool.

    I’ll say this: I’d rather be poor, with smart kids who know and love Jesus, than rich with kids who are warped on what is true and right and are sucked into the culture’s mores.

    Just my humble opinion…

    • http://twitter.com/theatomicmom East of Eden

      My high school offered latin, and the high school here in our small town also does. Not that it makes our small town school any good, but it’s offered.

  • Red State Eddio

    Reason #147 why we homeschool our kids.

    Actually, we’re in a co-op, where my wife and a few other people teach different grade levels with a classical model education.

    Incidentally, my 9 year old daughter is learning latin.

    You’d never see that in the public schools.

    • Red State Eddio

      It’s about as close to a return to the “one room school” as we can get.

  • http://scottslant.blogspot.com/ Scott A. Robinson

    You all should meet this teacher. My wife and I have met with her and she is so aloof that she does not get it. We took one issue to the Principal who only made excuses for the teacher.

    Once my youngest is no longer an infant, there is a good chance we will move to home schooling. However, this is overall a very challenging and somewhat intimidating leap.

    • http://twitter.com/theatomicmom East of Eden

      Scott, even though this is far from an ideal situation, I know you and your wife will use it as a learning oppurtunity. Just make sure and de-brief evey night with your daughter and guide her thru the rest of the year. You can’t always avoid bad situations, but you can get thru them. Good luck!! :)

  • Liz

    Whoo hoo just think about all the indoctrination and special “training” kids will get under the new pedophile apologist JENNINGS, OBAMA’s safe schools czar. Heaven knows I wouldn’t dream of putting my many children in public schools, but I do worry about the predators the new Planned Parenthood push towards teaching 10 year olds the “Joys of Sex” and the pornographic Jennings readings lists for school kids will create in and around government run schools. Unacceptable and very bizarre behavior from this administration. I would love to see concerned parents drain the government training camps of their children and insist on parental control of their children’s education with no government interference. Yep. Dream on, I know. Like global warming, public education is a zillion dollar slush fund for fat happy administrators, nothing less of financial starvation will get their choke hold off of the American taxpayer.

  • http://twitter.com/theatomicmom East of Eden

    First, as a teacher, I will tell you, you need to have a sit down and come to Jesus meeting with this “teacher” he/she is WAY out of line with interjecting personal bias into the lesson. It’s unavoidable, but this is way over the top.

    Second, I’d advise all parents to meet with the teachers at the beginning of the school, look thru the text books as ask to see the lesson plans thru out the school year. You are allowed to do this.

    Third, public school is not the end all be all of education. Use it as a resource for your family, but not the only tool in the education of your kids. Homeschool is an option with proper planning. And you’ll find there are vibrant and healthy homeschooling families in most communities that are always willing to add more kids to the mix.

  • Brian H

    Time for a schedule change! Demand it! While you are at it ask the school to demonstrate where in their curriculum the topic of Walt Disney’s position as a “bad man” are stated. I am so tired of KOOK!!!! Yes, KOOK!!! teachers using their classrooms as personal soap-boxes for their insane rants and diatribes.

    Demand a meeting and demand the teacher to back up the stupid accusations.

  • Gil Rice

    So much for learning the three “r”‘s, that they will need the rest of their lives, let’s let these liberal trained educators take over. I have learned ,if handled correctly, this could bring families closer together, if parents really care. You have to have these daily conversations with your children to keep up with, and correct what they are being taught. Can’t be all bad.