I was reading an article about someone who listed as one of their primary influences in life Walt Disney. My eight-year-old daughter happened to be reading the article over my shoulder and asked what it meant for someone to be an influence. After I explained it she told me Walt Disney was a bad man. You should have seen the look on on my face. My eight year old daughter just said Walt Disney was a bad man!!! This is the same girl who loves Disney princess everything, who would watch three Disney movies every day if we would let her, and whose dream vacation is (or was) Disney World.

So naturally I asked her why Walt Disney was a bad man. She told me he cut down trees and covered water in swamps to build Disney World and this made him a bad man. I asked her who told her this. She responded, “My teacher”. I was then and two days later am still disgusted, frustrated, and extremely annoyed by this. School is not for indoctrinating our children with someone’s social values. It is for teaching math, science, true history, and language.

Now we are reaching the apex one well-laid plan (of many) from the 1930s. As evidence, read this plaque I look a picture of in the Smithsonian American History museum when I was in Washington DC on 9/12/2009 with around 1,000,000 of my closest friends:

“Progressive educators” desired a “more standardized education”. This way they could indoctrinate the rising generations (oh the history I’ve had to relearn!) and now I have to constantly quiz my daughter on what she was taught due to the need to reteach her! She is taught so many fallacies, such as FDR being the greatest President of all time and that we should never drive our cars. Apparently her teacher missed all the parts where FDR attempted to unravel the constitution (and in many ways did) and how transportation allows us to grow the economy by doing important things such as work, not to mention taking the children to school for more of this indoctrination! When children in school are taught this kind of drivel it is no wonder each new generation is more confused, lost, and lacking moral grounding.