Tone deaf and out of tune


Filed Under Races 2010 on Feb 19 

Here it is, as plain as day. Talk about absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt, no more questioning needed – he does not get it.

It’s not just his handlers and staff; it’s him.

In a politico post, describing a recent meeting he and other congressional leaders had at the White House, Ohio Republican Rep John Boehner said President Obama “looked at me and slapped the table and said, ‘Boehner, it’s not my policies that are polarizing the American people; it’s you Republicans scaring them.’”

Boehner then said he responded: “No, it’s your policies.”

Wow, the amazing power of an out-of-power minority party that has no bargaining chips nor ability to derail the “train of transformational politics”. It’s not the fractious shards of democratic alliances with labor thugs, other special interests, and members of their own party; it’s not the staffing of communists and other liberal fringe throughout the WH; it’s not running up debt faster than Paris Hilton on a shopping bender, all payable by the rest of the country.

No, it’s those tiny clusters of Republicans, shut out of most major media markets and forums by biased commentators, able to somehow conjure up a tidal wave of momentum on all these issues combined.

Wow, if the R’s can do all this while in the political wilderness, can you imagine what they could influence and command if ever able to regain actual power?