I should probably being this rant by stating for the record that I do not watch Chris Matthews’ daily political diatribe masquerading as an MSNBC political talk show. I long ago gave up an illusion that MSNBC could ever be a serious news network. Judging by their sub-basement level ratings, I’m fairly certain I’m in good company. Having said that, occasionally some reader passes me a link to one of Matthews’ rants that is simply too outrageous to pass up.

Chris Matthews on Stiletto Sarah’s mental capabilities

I’ve watched enough of Chris Matthews to know that there are far brighter bulbs on the tree than him. Were I him, I’d be very careful about just who I referred to as a “empty vessel”. Actually, I can think of someone with far more power than Sarah Palin who accurately fits the Matthews description of “not much going on mentally”. Here’s a hint – he goes nowhere without his trusty TelePrompTer.

That, dear reader, is far more frightening than Sarah Palin ever could be.