Over the course of my professional career I’ve had my share of “tough” jobs. I’ve worked at desk jobs, landscaping jobs, and even a railroad job. All of them had their unique challenges and were “tough” in their own way. I’ve also worked with a wide variety of people and come across more than my fair share of whiners.

For the record, I have little patience and less tolerance for whiners. Just ask my daughter.

This past Wednesday, The One assembled Dusty Harry’s Band of Senate Democrats for a pep rally. I watched, or rather read, some of the video footage from this meeting as I abused myself on an elliptical machine at my local gym. In my final analysis, The One spent the better portion of two hours whining about obstructionist Republicans blocking his agenda since January of last year.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, let’s review the current political make up of the Federal Government:

The Executive Branch is currently ruled by The One and his merry band of Czars, Chicago Thugs, and leftist cronies.

The House of Representatives is run by The Pelosi. She and her loyal entourage can pass whatever they want.

The United States Senate pays homage to Dusty Harry Reid (D-Circus Circus). Up until yesterday, he had the magic 60 votes to pass through whatever legislation he deemed worthy.

To summarize our review, dear reader, The One had the ultimate trifecta. Among the three of them (The One, The Pelosi, and Dusty Harry) they needed not one single Republican vote to implement their agenda of Hope and Change.

With all this power to pass legislation they proclaimed America had been waiting for, one would think Wednesday’s pep rally would have been full of self congratulation, back slapping, and toasts to their success. Well, this wasn’t exactly the case. To be honest, I’ve seen more excitement at funerals. In fact, The One went so far as to cap off the Whine Fest with this jaw dropping line:

I know these are tough times to hold public office.

I’ll be the first to admit I know little about what it’s like to hold public office. That said, knowing what I know about the perks, benefits, and other advantages of being a federal elected official , I find it hard to label the job as “tough”. These people spend millions of dollars and far too much time campaigning for their respective jobs for me ever to take pity on the difficulty of what they do.

To label the job as “tough” is simply naïve. Then again, had The One ever actually held a real “tough” job, he’d have a better understanding of what “tough” actually is.