Am I the only one who thinks this ‘r word’ debate is getting a little ridiculous? First it was Potty Mouth Rham in the White House using the ‘r word’ (with an ‘f word’ added for a little extra dazzle). Now it’s an aide to Governor Perry in Texas being accused of using the ‘r word’ twice on a conference call. Is this really what we’ve come to? Resignation calls? Front page stories?

Look, unless you’re willing to have every word you’ve ever said transcribed and posted online for all the world to see, can we please put an end to the vocab gotcha games? It’s not the single, individual words people use that should offend us, it’s the way they string those words together to actions that actually affect us. Maybe I’m alone here, but personally, I find the ‘r word’ much less offensive than Obama’s infamous 2008 phrase, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

If Palin is reading this, and why wouldn’t she be, right? I’d want her to be reminded that other people can’t offend us, we only allow ourselves to be offended. Just because someone calls you an ‘r word’, an ‘i word’ or a ‘butt head’, doesn’t make it true. If it did, I wouldn’t have this fantastic head of hair.

So let’s take a deep breath everyone. Words only hurt if you let them, but congressional budgets? Well — those hurt like heck.