Well, the truth is out. Indisputable. Inevitable. Indubitable. Irrefutable. Incontrovertible.

The verdict is in.

Earlier this morning, Punxsutawney Phil took one look at the proposed new federal gov’t budget, saw the shadow this debt-riddled monstrosity cast over him, let out a shriek, and quickly scampered back into his hole.

His last words were, “What the #@$% is THAT?” …or something to that effect.

So there you have it – six more years of recession. Have a nice day.

I wonder if someone could slip him a copy of the latest Derby rankings and see if he could give a few thoughts on it?

I suspect he’ll go for Paw-lenty over Mittens…by a hair, of course.


  • Giacamo1

    al,s face looks just like his bottom,,,,

  • Giacamo1

    al,s face looks just like his bottom,,,,

  • Red State Eddio

    Anyone see the ‘Punxsutawney Polamalu’ commercial for Tru TV during the Super Bowl?

    Now that was priceless!

  • Whodat

    Truly an example of something that has lived far beyond its 15 minutes, this silly and irrelevant day did give us a most enjoyable movie.

    Similarly, Obama’s 15 minutes should have never started, only allowed by hysterical reaction to the Bush League presidency of “W”, but continues on, like Bill Murray’s movie, with each day being more weird than the last.