In an interview with Newsmax, Jeb Bush began the interview by saying he doesn’t know if he’ll endorse Marco Rubio or Charlie Crist for the US Senate, however, he didn’t pull any punches as he lambasted Crist for his support of Obama’s massive stimulus package.

The war between these two heats up.

Bring back the party of Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor!

The slow motion train wreck


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I must confess I didn’t get a chance to watch much of the heralded “health care summit” today. When I did get to watch it, I was reminded of US Deputy Marshal Samuel Girard’s first reaction to the train wreck scene in The Fugitive:

My, my, my…what a mess!

The One summoned DC’s political heavy hitters to Blair House with the intention of hammering out some sort of compromise on the only signature campaign issue he has left – that of socializing the American medical system. Over the course of my professional career, I have been required to sit through more than my fair share of meetings. On occasion, I’ve had to conduct these meetings so I can reliably tell you running an effective meeting is not nearly as easy as it looks.
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The latest phrase to describe the Obama Admin and the Dem Congress? As a matter of fact, no. it’s the description of the Republican held Senate in 2005, when the Repub’s wanted to use the “nuclear option” on judicial nominees that the Dem’s were holding up – the same tactic the Dem’s want to use to pass health care (reconciliation).

A rather lengthy list of Democrats sounding extremely righteous in their criticism of it.

Biden (a classic as always): “I pray God that we don’t we don’t make the kind of naked power grab you are doing.”

So, now that you do have the power, have you decided that it’s all of a sudden OK to try these ‘arrogant naked power grabs’?

Incredible display of hypocrisy…

If you live in Dallas and you’re free on February 27th at noon you have been invited to attend the Dallas Tea Party one year anniversary. Oh – and if your name is Keith Olbermann, you’ve been given a personal invitation.

An interesting news item crossed my desk this AM. Apparently the Congress is pushing a bill that would create a separate race-based government for native Hawaiians, similar to that of an Indian tribe. Pres Obama has promised to sign the bill if it comes to him.

This troubles me on many levels. First, doing anything “based on race” is racist. The only way we’re going to get past racial issues in this country is to stop obsessing about them. I was sure Obama was supposed to be post racial or something, but it seems he and his people like to push the race card all the time. Second, living where I do in Northern New Mexico, surrounded by no less than 5 different Native Nations, and having taught on “The Rez” I have seen firsthand the failure of tribal governments and the Federal government where their people and tax monies are concerned. Read more

On the lighter side of politics, one gubernatorial candidate in Utah, Richard Martin, took time in the list of his stands on various issues to pass along this interesting tidbit that is sure to rattle the cages:

Some issues don’t seem that important, but they can make our lives a bit more enjoyable. For example:
License plates: The state can provide European style plates for those willing to pay for them. They look great on some vehicles that have the space, and make some cars look better.

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First, a disclaimer: I did not go to CPAC, didn’t watch any of the speeches, noticed only a few headlines about it, and of course, I am not a Ron Paul fan.

Instead, I thought I’d write a fresh post on the issue of the main message coming from CPAC last weekend. As we’ve all been made aware, Ron Paul stole…er, rigged…I mean, won the straw poll released on Sunday (that was for all the conspiracy theorists among us).

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I was reading an article about someone who listed as one of their primary influences in life Walt Disney. My eight-year-old daughter happened to be reading the article over my shoulder and asked what it meant for someone to be an influence. After I explained it she told me Walt Disney was a bad man. You should have seen the look on on my face. My eight year old daughter just said Walt Disney was a bad man!!! This is the same girl who loves Disney princess everything, who would watch three Disney movies every day if we would let her, and whose dream vacation is (or was) Disney World.

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Paul was first, Romney second, Palin a distant third.

Amazing that in our poll prediction contest (with poor participation by the way, you slackers) not a single entry predicted the Ron Paul victory.

Why did Ron Paul, a guy who has never and will never have a chance of actually being elected, win this thing?


Not me. Yes. I am crushed. I would demand a recount, but considering the guy who actually walked away with the prize I will put aside any questions about the actual vote counting.

All kidding aside, I humbly tip my hat to a HotAir’s “Captain” Ed Morrissey, formerly of CaptainsQuarters. He’s done yeoman’s work for years and this award is well deserved if not overdue. Being introduced and lauded by Rush Limbaugh more than made up for the delay.
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Really? I hope this isn’t the best he’s got. I was actually a little embarrassed for him watching this “red meat” line. Yikes.

Tone deaf and out of tune


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Here it is, as plain as day. Talk about absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt, no more questioning needed – he does not get it.

It’s not just his handlers and staff; it’s him.

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This weekend the American Conservative Union (ACU) is hosting CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) DC. As a political junkie, I feel like I have died and gone to Heaven.

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By now everyone knows CPAC is well underway. Between now and Saturday, attendees will have a chance to vote in the most important 2012 poll of any kind to-date. Who will win?

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Yesterday it was announced that a joint US/Pakistan task force picked up a High Value Target in Karachi. The name of this HVT is Mullah Abdul Ghani Barader – no relation to the elephant with a similar name. Barader is evidently the Taliban’s number two man in the area. His capture – last week according to some news outlets – is the most significant HVT capture in several years.

In years past, the question of what to do with this Mullah would have been easily answered. He would have been flown to Guantanamo Bay where he would have been interrogated and pumped for all the useful information in his Islamofacist Murdering Thug skull. Eventually he would have been tried before a military tribunal, found guilty, and (hopefully) executed.

Oh, wait. I forgot about Hope and Change.
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We endured Tom DeLay on Dancing with the Stars and he made us (well, at least me) laugh so hard I built new stomach muscles that I didn’t even know I had.  Which politicians are next you ask?

Drum roll please….

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From the resident poet we know and love:


Friends, the greatest thing about writing “political”
Is that the strangest can become true, after all!

To wit, one Dick Cheney has serious style and knack
To light-up libs, passing even Sarah’s skill at “whack!”

Most other Republicans say this and that, who cares?
But, when Cheney speaks, we get sirens and flares!

Obama even trots out Joe to debate Dick, then prevails
Upon his liberal press buddies to spin those tales.

So, me thinks Dick Cheney should just say, “O.K.,
I’ll take my repudiation of Obama – ALL-THE-WAY!”

“I shall explore and make my positons clear, then,
I shall gather donations, support, and do it again.”

“I shall tell the world that Obama must not win now –
And, I’m dah man who can make that happen, and how!”

Yep, if I ran things, that’s how I’d tell Cheney to run –
Win or lose, he’d shake ’em all up. My-oh-my, what fun!!!

Whodat gets a special glee from watching chaos on TV

Snow street

As I shoveled the last of the four feet of snow settled on our sidewalk, walkway, and cars, I found lots of time to ponder the connection between our national indebtedness and our recent weather patterns. Pardon me if you’re tired of hearing about frozen precipitation – I find snow drifting into everything I think about or discuss. Even my dreams have snow swirling around in them these days.

First, the snow: We have in place at the Eddio household a standard methodology for snow removal. It involves the time tested resolve of a few dedicated volunteer shovelers, and specific locations around the property where we can dump the impediment before moving on with our lives. Most of the time, we incur small batches of it, just enough to address in a short term way without much interference. We give it a quick momentary focus, then we’re off. This works great when average snowfalls are anywhere from 2-6 inches.

But when four inches turns into 4 feet, we have a problem.
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