Today I received an email from our good friend Mitch Stewart, Director for Organizing for America in which he wanted me to write to all my local newspapers telling them that I support the Obamanation. Obviously, that just wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I once more used their own machine against them.

This is what I sent instead:

From Troy La Mana

To Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas Sun, Desert Dispatch, Rafu Shimpo, Antelope Valley Press, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Washington Post, Financial Times

Subject Now is not the time

This is what the Obama Administration wants me to tell you:

“Historic help for small businesses: $30 billion to community banks to increase lending to small businesses, tax credits for more than one million small businesses who hire new workers or raise wages, and and end to capital gains taxes for small businesses.

Innovation and investments to create jobs and spur growth: New investments to rebuild the country’s infrastructure and update it with new projects like high-speed railroads and comprehensive energy and climate reform with incentives that will help make the production of clean energy more profitable and job-producing.

A foundation for sustained prosperity: New reforms to curb the reckless practices by the big banks which put our entire financial system at risk, new aid for students to help educate the work force of tomorrow, and real health care reform that reins in out-of-control costs that are squeezing our families and businesses.”

What I really am telling you is that it is obvious after the SOTU address that the President is tone-deaf when it comes to listening to the citizens of this country.

After the special election in Massachusetts in which a Republican won easily in a heavily Democrat state you would think President Obama would have heard the message loud and clear. This is clearly not the case when he virtually turns around and tells America that he doesn’t care what they think he is going to continue to shove his Health Care “Reform” down our throats anyway.

He talks about helping small business when he ignored them for over a year. He talks about creating jobs when, under his watch, unemployment jumped to over 10% even though he promised his “stimulus” would save jobs. He drives up the deficit to over 19 Trillion dollars in a single fiscal quarter but blames President Bush. He continues to say he inherited these issues.
Now I would be the first to say that 780 Billion was unwisely spent but when you are President you take ownership of your failures. It would have been wiser to refinance all the sub-prime loans to a zero interest mortgage then to give it to companies that gave out bonuses with the money. The same bonuses that this administration knew of and approved.

I know that there could be improvements in the way of health care but Obama’s way is not the answer. We could do more to save costs by allowing competition across state lines and reining in the cost of fraudulent lawsuits. We could insist that all government workers be on the same plan that every other citizen would be.

I don’t want to follow a President that scorns the SCOTUS for doing their Constitutional jobs.

Thanks Mr. President, I’m so glad I could help you out!