I didn’t watch the State of the Union (SOTU) last night. Instead I followed what people were saying on twitter. Because let’s face it, twitter was more entertaining than the speech. Here are some of my favorite lines from the #SOTU feed:

• Barry: Reading a teleprompter and trying to not appear as an out of touch, stubborn elitist is a “complex” issue
• Obama Declares “I Don’t Quit” in #SOTU (but he should)
• The Nation Demands More Obama: At least that’s what Obama thinks
• I’m unable to make HCR [healthcare reform] happen while presiding over the largest Congressional majority in 35 years. But I sure do talk pretty
• I didn’t need as much whisky as I thought I would to get through the #SOTU last night.
• And how can Obama act like he’s a Washington outsider? He’s been in Washington since 2005!!!!
• “He gives a great speech doesn’t he, but do you believe it?”
• Obama is a great orator if nothing else… which is good, because there is nothing else!
• “In other words, Obama was elected president by the backlash against his own presidency”
• Is it just me, or was the #sotu basically the same speech that Obama has given on other occasions?
• After the State of the Union I am convinced more than ever . This year CAN be worse
• Obama’s greatness held hostage by pesky things like the Constitution.
• “If I call it ‘clean energy’ enough times maybe they’ll forget I’m talking about oil and coal”
• Like I said, Dems are so cute when they pretend to applaud enthusiastically
• Obama 2010! Helluva campaign speech! Maybe he’ll keep some of those promises when we get rid of Bush
• Confused. Are we doing the spending freeze or all that other stuff?
• State of the Union Address 90 mins of torture? I read it in 10.
• Obama say’s “I can’t quit…” Why, YES YOU CAN
• Was there laughter at the notion that Obama understood how budgets work? If not, there should have been
• Did Chris Matthews really say, “I forgot he was black tonight, for an hour.”
• Can all of the adults in the room please agree that Chris Matthews should not have his own show?
• If the #SOTU address gets good enough ratings maybe NBC will want to give it a regular weeknite 10pm spot.
• Dear Chris Matthews, for about an hour, I forgot you were so darn ignorant, cause I was watching CNN.
• The State of the Union: My opponents are meanies and don’t vote for what I want.” Now THAT’S leadership
• “I didn’t say change was going to be easy.” -Obama could’ve shortened his speech and just gone with “syke”
• Verdict on the night: Domino’s is more improved than Obama. #sotu
• That was the weirdest episode of LOST I ever saw.
• I wonder if these phantom business owner’s he’s mentioned tonight are owned by Ellie Light?
• The #sotu is so worthless, I was waiting for him to promise less homework
• Tonight’s State Of The Union Address was sponsored by the Ellie Light Foundation.
• Greta Van Susteren: “If you could sum up the speech in one word, what would it be?” Sarah Palin: “Lecture.”
• The #SOTU must not have been that good since Olbermann is devoting most of his time to James O’Keefe.
• I bet all those senators have really sore quads. It was like a catholic liturgy on steroids. Stand, sit, stand, sit
• I warn you all DO NOT look at Nancy Pelosi in the eyes, even thru the TV. Especially in HD. You’ve been warned.
• Nancy Pelosi needs a plastic surgery spending freeze on her face.

And my all time, fall on the floor because I was laughing so hard, favorite:

Obama says we’ll double our exports. Someone remind him all America makes is Youtube cat videos