An ill wind blows?


Filed Under Races 2010 on Jan 25 

I’m not one to make idle prognostications about the November elections just yet. I’ll leave that to those who pay more attention to the inner workings of individual campaigns than I do. From what I read of NRO’s Jim Geraghty and the Washington Examiner’s Michael Barone, the tea leaves do not bode well for Team Obama. Just today came the news that the heir-apparent (at least according to the MSM) to the SlowJoe senate seat in Delaware has decided not to seek the job after all.

The Cook Political Report now has SlowJoe’s seat as a “Solid R”. The One’s former senate seat – though he can hardly lay claim to it as it wasn’t his for very long – is listed as a “Toss Up”. No matter how one tries to spin this data, none of it foretells a reason for Team Obama to make mid-term victory party plans.

Evidently, The One has not gotten the memo regarding the possibility that 2010 might look a lot like 1994. The hubris shield currently enveloping the Oval Office has rendered the current occupant oblivious to any such prognostications. How is this possible? Well, according to retiring blue dog Congressman Marion Berry (D-AR), The One believes his very presence in the Oval Office will prevent history from doing what it so often does – repeating itself. According to Berry, thus saith The One:

Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.

One of the most dangerous things any politician can do is start believing his or her own press. If the above quote is truthful – and I have every reason to believe that it is – then Barack Obama not only believes his own press, he also believes his own speech writers. Remember not so long ago he declared that:

…this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal…

One would think that after the debacle laden first year of his presidency, Obama would learn a thing or two about the limits of his influence. His overwhelming presence did little to influence the International Olympic Committee, and despite his best rhetorical efforts, not one single net job has been created during his tenure. Thus far two governorships have changed hands in Virginia and New Jersey respectively. A senate seat held by democrats since the founding of the nation is now home to a rock-ribbed red conservative Republican. House and Senate retirements are almost exclusively made up of democrats who wish to go out on their own terms rather than being summarily fired by their constituents.

A few lifetimes ago I spent some time working in the “Dot Com” economy in Southern California. It was a great gig for a little while, but eventually the venture capitalists wanted some return on their investment. They had taken a risk with their money and expected said investment to bear fruit. Those rare successful start-ups were rewarded. Those which were less than stellar were “wound down”. No single person’s presence or influence could make up for failure.

The American people are much like the venture capitalists of the past millennium. They took a risk on Team Obama, The Pelosi, and Dusty Harry. Now they’re looking for return on their investment. Thus far, Team Obama has nothing to show for the several trillion dollars of taxpayer capital it has squandered. The harbingers of a looming November blowout are plain for most to see. Obama has spent the past year troubling his own house and he stands ready, to quote the old proverb, to “inherit the wind”.

Yes, Mr. President, your presence does make a difference between 1994 and 2010. You just might be a catalyst for an even bigger blowout this time around.