It could be argued Tuesday is the most important day thus far in the Obama presidency. Obviously a win by the GOP in Massachusetts would shake the Senate and send ripples through the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda.

So who do you think will win?

Pick the winner of Brown v. Coakley in the comments and include your prediction of the final percentages for each candidate. (Don’t forget the independent candidate, Joseph Kennedy.)

Closest guess to actual percentages wins a signed copy of one my books. Take your pick. They’re all equally mediocre.


  • Aaronkun

    And the winner is…

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    We’ll give Kathy one more day to pipe in before naming the winner. Fair?

  • Cordeiro

    The Cage Match would get better ratings.

    My word count guess is 50K.

    • Brian H


  • Aaronkun

    Napolean, we both know that I’m training to be a cage fighter….

    My guess for the word count is 39,000.

    Thanks Jason!

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    Well the final tally was 52-47. That means we have a four way tie:

    Jason (Hey, that’s me!)

    Looks like we’ll need a tie breaker. Suggestions?

    • Scott A. Robinson
      • Jason Wright, Editor

        Cage match is tempting.

        How about the tied combatants guess the word count of my next book, The Cross Gardener. Closest to wins.

    • Cordeiro

      Cage match?

  • Clint

    Wow.. 53-46. Would have never thought he would have won by that much.

  • German Observer

    After some hours of sleep I would like to revise my prediction:

    Coakley: 50.5
    Brown: 48
    Kennedy: 1.5

  • Carol from Oklahoma

    Brown 55%
    Coakley 41%
    Kennedy 4%

  • Fred

    Coakley: 48.5
    Brown: 48.3
    Kennedy: 2.8

  • Kellie LaCrosse

    Brown 52%
    Coakley 43%
    Kennedy 5%

  • Clint

    Brown 49
    Coakley 47
    Kennedy 3
    Other 1

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    I forgot to make my own guess. I’ll go:

    Brown: 52
    Coakley: 47
    Kennedy: 1

    But for the record, I will not be surprised if Coakley pulls it out. Rasmussen, historically the most accurate, still has her up.

  • Cindy

    Brown: 51%

    Coakley: 47%

    Kennedy: 2%

  • Kathy

    Brown: 52%
    Coakley: 47%
    Kennedy: 1%

    Go Scott Go !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kjco

    Brown 51%
    Coakley 49%
    +Acorn 2%
    =election stolen

  • Caleb

    Brown: 50%
    Kennedy: 1.5-2.0%

  • Stephen Fountain

    Brown: 51%
    Coakley: 45%
    Kennedy: 4%

  • kristen

    Brown: 53%
    Coakley: 45%
    Kennedy: 2%

  • Troy La Mana

    Brown: 52%
    Coakley: 44%
    Kennedy: 4%

  • Rick B.

    Brown: 49%
    Coakley: 49%
    Kennedy: <2%

  • brian h

    53% Brown
    46% Coakley
    1% Kennedy

  • RickyD

    I think brown peaked a couple days early, as in the media interest peaked early, obama went sunday because they see it better than 50-50 winnable

    coakley 52
    brown 47
    kennedy 1

    gibbs calls it resounding win for health care bill and bo agenda

  • Aaronkun

    Brown 52%
    Croakley 47%
    Kennedy 1%

    Recovering Charles was fantastic BTW…

  • German Observer

    Croakley 51
    Brown 49
    Kennedy 2

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Mr. German Observer,

      I like the way you think.

      Jason, here is my prediction;

      Brown: 75%
      Coakley: 43.2%
      Kennedy: 94.223%

      • German Observer

        Rusty, by adding some points I just wanted to rise my chances to win a free copy. Damned, somebody noticed my trick :-)

        To be honest, it was around 2 am here when I typed my prediction.

  • Red State Eddio

    Let’s see if I can score better here than with the Gridiron Challenge…

    Brown 51%
    Croakley 46%
    Kennedy 2%

    “Take your pick. They’re all equally mediocre.” – You mean the books, or the candidates? :-)

  • Cordeiro

    Here goes: Brown 52, Coakley 47 and the spare change to what’s his bucket.

  • Mrs Rusty Shackleford

    I say Brown but by only 51% and it will end up in court and make the “Mr. Smalley” race and battle pale in comparison. It will trump the Gore/Bush court issues but be as polarizing.

  • East of Eden

    I am going to be hopefully optimistc and pick Brown by 54%.

    As for the books being mediocre…we are reading Recovering Charles in our ward book group this month…so far my copy has gone to 4 different ladies…they’re clammouring for it! :)

    • Cordeiro

      This proves two things: Jason writes good stuff, and Mormons are cheap…I mean thrify ;)

      • East of Eden

        Hahahaha! Yes we are a thrifty bunch aren’t we?

    • DJB

      Brown 51.50%
      Coakley 44.50%
      Kennedy 4%

    • East of Eden

      Ooops, forgot to make all of my numbers known:

      Brown = 54%
      Coakley = 43%
      Kennedy 3%