Politico has a noteworthy take on how the Democrats lose the vote of Interim Senator Paul Kirk tomorrow, regardless of who wins the Massachusetts special election:

Conservative commentator Fred Barnes is arguing that Kirk will lose his vote in the Senate after Tuesday’s special election, no matter who wins, signaling a possible GOP line of attack against health reform if it passes with Kirk’s vote.

“Appointed Senator Paul Kirk will lose his vote in the Senate after Tuesday’s election in Massachusetts of a new senator and cannot be the 60th vote for Democratic health care legislation, according to Republican attorneys,” Barnes, the Weekly Standard’s executive editor, wrote on the conservative magazine’s website Saturday night. “Based on Massachusetts law, Senate precedent, and the U.S. Constitution, Republican attorneys said Kirk will no longer be a senator after election day, period.”


  • Troy La Mana

    The Dems will always find a way to twist the rules so they come out the winner and the MSM will look the other way. If a Republican tries any of the same tactics they are strung up the highest mast in a nanosecond.

  • http://twitter.com/theatomicmom East of Eden

    Florida redux?

    The problem is this, the Dems in Mass, keep chaning the rules to try and get their guy in, with the result that they are always scrambleing to get and/or keep their guy in.

    So memo to Mass: write the law, clearly so that there can be no question as to what it means. Then follow said law, even if that means you guys loses.

    As for Fred Barns, he has a very interesting point, and one that is worth considering. At anyrate, I think tomorrow will be a nailbiter for sure….