Harry Reid said something stupid. I know what else is new. But here is the thing. I think it’s safe to say that, yes, there is liberal bias in the media. Asking that question over and over again, is wasting our time and distracting us – meaning regular people – from taking our country back from the crazy people in charge (Hi Democrats and most of the GOP I’m talking to you!!).

My other observation on the subject is that this whole “Racist Reid comment” is yet another distraction cooked up by the left to distract the public from the health care reform debate currently being hatched in the basement of the White House, sans C-Span or anyone else’s cameras.

Finally, this racist comment flap is the next convenient segway the Dems will use to get rid of an unpopular Senator, so they can keep the seat and thus their majority in Congress. Watch him resign next week.

We’re being told to ignore the man behind the curtain right now. We absolutely cannot do that. Let’s ignore the people telling us that, and get back to the business of stopping the farce that is health care “reform”.