Double standard on Obama?


Filed Under POTUS on Dec 27 

There have been two stories percolating the last few days that remind me how the left and the mainstream media treat O differently than W.

1. It’s been widely reported that the Obamas chose not to attend church this Christmas. Instead they boarded Air Force One with plans to spend the holidays in Hawaii. I’m not taking a position on whether or not Obama should attend church on Christmas. But I have to wonder how the press and W’s critics would have reacted if he’d chosen to fly off early to vacation instead of attend church.

2. On Christmas Day, passengers aboard a NWA flight bound for Detroit foiled a terrorist attack. It seems everyone has weighed in on the incident, with one glaring exception: the Commander-in-Chief. O has been stunningly silent, choosing to send the snarky Robert Gibbs and unimpressive Janet Napolitano in front of cameras to reassure Americans. One wonders how Olbermann, the NYT, the WP and their respective editorial boards would have reacted if W pretended as if an attempted terrorist attack wasn’t worthy a public statement.

Oh, wait, we already know the answer to that question. W was criticized if he wasn’t on the scene of every national disaster, plane crash or playground scuffle before the smoke and dirt cleared.

Presidents need vacations and no one, president or not, should be judged on whether or not they attend church on Sunday. But shouldn’t we call the media on a double standard when we see one?