Via Michael Tanner at the Cato Institute, “Five Healthcare Reform Whoppers”

1. Healthcare reform will reduce your insurance premiums. Sure, that is if my premiums were $1300 a month.

2. Middle Class taxes won’t be raised. Right. Sadly it’s always the middle class that bears the brunt of any reform. Can’t go after the rich too much, then who would finance the campaigns and come to their swanky parties? Can’t go after the poor too much then who would they dupe into voting for them?

3. You can keep your current insurance. That is, of course, if your insurance meets all of the requirements, and you have passed GO, and collected $200 (which may or may not be taxed depending if it’s the 5th Tuesday in a week day ending with letter Y, and moon is in the seventh house). You get the picture, right?

4. It will only cost $848 Billion. And what’s that among friends, right? Here, take my $200 from passing GO earlier, no really, I insist.

5. It will reduce the budget deficit. Sure it will, because spending more than you have will always keep your check book in the black. It’s the new math people! Trust me, it totally works!

John Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things.” Too bad Obama, Pelosi and Reid are ignoring what those facts really are. Their reform is not about reform, but about power, and legacy. They truly are living in an alternative reality.