Just found out that, in a conversation with world-wide school marm Oprah, President Obama gave himself a “B+” on his first year as Community Organizer-N-Chief. He credits all the good results from the stimulus and other programs with getting the economy back on track, and with making the right calls on Iraq & Afhganistan.

I think he should give himself all the extra-credit he wants on this one. It will be the first time he’s allowed himself that, since prior to this moment, he’s reminded everyone of how bad it was and what he inherited.

Apparently, passage of the health mis-carriage bill will bump his grade up to an A-.

Here’s how the on-line poll that went along with the article scored him:

Grades-first year
(Take the poll here)

I wonder if we could open that up nationally to all citizens, and see what they’d say. Oh yeah, that comes in November 2010.

I wonder if Harvard is going to refund their tuition money – oh wait, he never paid for any of it. My bad.