This is an un-hacked update on the Copenhagen, (or Copenhaaaaaagen if you are one of those people) Climate conference.

“Rich nations must make big emissions cuts”. Hmmm, rich nation = the USA, and the USA only. Brit PM Gordon Brown even went on to say that the agreements made in Copenhagen must be legally binding. Of course if you read between the lines that means leagally binding only for the US. World government anyone?

The Chinese were a bit miffed that the US did not want to pledge any aid to them too. The Chinese delegate went as far to call the US delegate clueless. I might have to agree there; but as far as I can determine we should not be giving any more money to China; even if they are considered a developing nation. We get all of our money from them anyway, so why not just hold some of that back and save ourselves the trouble, ok?

Of course there has been little if any mention of the email scandal and the falsifying of climate data as the UN and the world try yet again to bully the US into mediocrity.

My street this week after the "Storm of the Century" dropped 13" of snow on Northern New MexicoSo as they diddle away in Copenhaaaagen, and the earth is apparently warming, I will stare out my window at the snow and wonder, “Where is my global warming!!!” And if you were wondering, this picture is my street on Tuesday, December 9, 2009. There are 13″ of snow, not counting the piles the snow plow made. Seriously, we’d love some global warming here in the Atomic City.