Keep digging, Harry


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Regular readers will already know this but for those who haven’t already heard, I loathe the current Senate Majority Leader, Dusty Harry Reid (D-Circus Circus). Keep that in mind when I tell you that I want Dusty Harry to keep digging this hole he started yesterday when he threw the following accusation at those who opposed Obamacare:

If you think you’ve heard these same excuses before, you’re right. When this country belatedly recognized the wrongs of slavery, there were those who dug in their heels and said, ‘Slow down, it’s too early, things aren’t bad enough.’

Add historical ignorance to Dusty Harry’s many endearing qualities.

When confronted with demands for an apology for his outrageous accusatory analogy, Dusty Harry not only balked but proceeded to then double down:

At pivotal points in American history, the tactics of distortion and delay have certainly been present. They’ve certainly been used to stop progress. That’s what we’re talking about here. That’s what’s happening here. It’s very clear. That’s the point I made — no more, no less. Anyone who willingly distorts my comments is only proving my point.

Memo to Dusty Harry: Your comments are beyond distortion. End Memo.

Somebody get this man a 24×7 cable channel. This kind of reckless rhetoric is the reason why Dusty Harry is losing to just about anyone who has even thought about declaring their candidacy for his seat in 2010.