Last week I picked up Sarah Palin’s already-a-best-seller-before-hitting-the-stands autobiography “Going Rogue”. I liked her before the 400+ pages; I like her even more now. Certainly I’m not blown away thinking she is the greatest person to walk the face of the earth. But holy cow she is an incredible woman with an incredible journey.

I wrote up a quick review on a book site I participate in. After reading all the scathing reviews from a number of Sarah-bashers who probably couldn’t identify the first six presidents of the US on a multiple-choice test (and probably didn’t actually read this book), I couldn’t help myself with a little tongue-in-cheek yet honest critique on Ms Palin’s runaway hit.

Here it is if you’re interested:

Very insightful and enjoyable read about the magnetic and super phenomenon that is Sarah Palin. This book is well written, intricately woven with enough personal details to give the reader a sense of who she is and what makes her tick.

A little self-indulgent? Some may argue that is the case here. However, I don’t blame her for trying to defend every nook and cranny of her very publicly-mocked life. The media has had her under heavy surveillance, scrutinizing every aspect of her life….hardly leaving any rock left unturned. Someone had to set the record straight, and it sure wasn’t going to be Mr. Leg-thrill himself, Chris Matthews. Palin had a right to some vindication. If I had teams of reporters and hackers sent clear to my state to dig up dirt, create frivolous lawsuits, and make mountains out of molehills, I’d be on the defensive too.

Defending her family and personal stances was cleverly done with a sort of “by the way, here are the facts” sort of attitude. It’s not griping; it’s stating facts. It was also nice to actually learn of her many accomplishments. It seemed that the press was too busy worrying about who the real mother of her special-needs child is or her wardrobe than to busy themselves with actually looking at her impressive record.

Sarah has a great sense of humor, able to laugh at herself and her missteps (which yes, she openly admits). This book gives an honest look into her life, and I enjoyed the personal touches she gave that allowed greater insight into how she became “Sarahcuda”. Palin is as real as it gets. She is genuine and down-to-earth. She is normal; HUMAN. Like any other average Joe, she has ups and downs, big decisions, stress, precious moments, and ones that rip your heart out. She is certainly not your typical elitist politician, handed everything on a silver platter. No. Sarah had to do everything the hard way–the American way–which is to work for everything she wanted from the ground up. She epitomizes the American Dream. Rather than fill her autobiography with BS or a facade of sunshine and lollipops, she keeps it real.

I’m still trying to figure out why the Left hate her so. Is it her frequent references to God and religion? Is it her pro-life stance? Maybe it’s the fact that such a beautiful woman who seems to have it all is so successful in the conservative movement. Whatever it is, she is obviously not a “nothing” they proclaim her to be. Why else bother to tear her down?

I’m stumped as to how they find Ms Palin green or “inexperienced”. Yet these same people have no problem with Obama’s mere handful of days in the Senate and fluffy resume as a community organizer. I’d say her two-term experience as mayor and couple of years as governor of a very large and diverse state trump anything our current POTUS claims to have accomplished.

I also find it interesting that 11 AP reporters were summoned to comb through the contents of this book, only to turn up with ZERO fallacies. Funny that not one AP reporter was asked to do the same with Hillary Clinton’s book, nor either of Barack Obama’s, nor Edward Kennedy, etc. Proof positive that yes, the lame-stream media is in fact biased and vengeful. (Hey. How about expending that much energy investigating the 2000 page health care monstrosity going through Congress right now? Or questioning our Commander-in-Chief’s horrendous decision to bring the 9/11 masterminds for trial in NYC? Just a thought…..)

The criticisms of Palin are unfounded. The facts speak for themselves. The abuse and vitriol tossed at her and her family are repugnant, probably the worst ever seen in American history. I understand why Palin had to step down from her responsibilities as governor. I respect her decision to put family and state first, rather than love of title, power, and fame. She is first class and above the cut of the majority of politicians across the globe. I certainly hope to see her in the public arena again. Like she quotes her father: “Sarah’s not retreating; she is reloading.” God speed Sarah.