Life here in the Arizona 15th district is great! We have swimming, shopping, great schools, quaint neighborhoods full of charm and class. You should even see the High School’s Mixed Lawnmower Drill Team, they’re fantastic!

Oh, and the jobs created by the Obama stimulus are incredible. Why, just last week little Freddie Smith’s paper route was saved by an infusion of cash and Sally Brown’s lemonade stand was saved in the Great Lemon Bailout of ’09. This Hope and Change is really working out!

Oh, wait, what’s that you say, there is no Arizona 15th Congressional District?

Virginia there might be a Santa Claus, but there is no Arizona 15th, there have been no jobs saved or created there, and the White House continues to operate under the delusion that we will take whatever information they put out hook, line and sinker, without question.

The latest from the White House is that they only publish the information that they are given. To which I say, how can you get information from a place that does not exist? And why are you not FACT CHECKING every last post it note to cross your desks?

This housewife has to wonder, what in the name of transparency will they think of next?