Not much to be happy about here:

It’s been a long time coming but the uncounted ballots cast by delegates at last year’s Republican state convention in Reno were finally counted on Oct. 30. The ballots had been locked in a safe at the site of the convention.

The reason? If the powers that be in the Nevada GOP didn’t shut down the vote the three delegates (which received far more votes then anyone else) going to the national convention would have been Ron Paul supporters.

Pat Kerby – Pahrump would have announced the vote and while the National GOP told the delegates that they had to vote for McCain Kerby said, “I wouldn’t have done it,” who planned to say, in part: “The great state of Nevada casts all of its 34 votes for the Thomas Jefferson of our time and a president we can be proud of for a change, Dr. Ron Paul.”

It makes me wonder which other states might have been close to voting for Ron Paul if it wasn’t for these tricks.
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