Political Derby poet-laureate Whodat sent an interesting idea to the PD brain trust (talk about an oxymoron) for getting some of the readers involved in ranking the horses the way they see fit. So to that end, we are excited to announce the PD Viewers’ Choice Power Rankings!

The way it works is simple:

Each and every one of you has the opportunity to nominate someone you feel should be considered for the VCPR. Each candidate must be nominated and seconded. Over the next week, we’ll accept nominations and then compile a list of candidates that will then be voted on by you, the denizens of PD world. The top three vote-getters will then be featured in the first official VCPRs, and the reader who nominated them will be given the opportunity to present the case for their personal horse.

So start your research and find the horse of your dreams! The deadline for nominating and seconding a horse will be November 18th.

Good luck!