This is a guest submission from out favorite rhyming reader, Whodat

As we mark Veteran’s Day, a dark cloud hangs low above all the lofty rhetoric, bands and bravado. And, over the millions of flags which today fly at half mast.

Far too often, we fail our own. Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post echoed what many are saying and writing:

“If Hasan’s superior officers had investigated, they might have pieced together the story that seems to be emerging: that Hasan was behaving erratically, that his faith apparently had become increasingly political, that he desperately wanted out of the military and that he was distraught about being ordered to the war zone.”

He did not mention “Political Correctness” run amok by name, but, he didn’t have to.

This isn’t the first time we failed those who defend us. In my war, Viet Nam, pols pondered, pals prospered, while our guys were limited in what they could do. Above all, we were not allowed to fight to win. Bomb here and here, but not there. Bomb the jungles, but not the cities and ports… On and on…

And, has it been three months since Obama knew we needed 40,000 more troops? A soldier is trained around the words like NOW! However, politicians send ours into war with no sense of urgency to win and come home. It has been 8 years. WWII was 4…

My salute to my fellow Veterans is sharp and respectful. I have no salute for the politicians.