Since I have been getting spam from the DNC for the last few months I have decided to use them to fight against “Healthcare Reform”. This week they are trying to get people to write the newspapers in your area to push for this “Reform”. This is my response:

From Troy La Mana

To: Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas Sun, Desert Dispatch, Los Angeles Times, The Press-Enterprise, San Bernardino County Sun, Rafu Shimpo, Antelope Valley Press, Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Washington Post, Financial Times

Subject: Do NOT pass “Healthcare Reform” in the Senate

Message: If you vote yes you have sealed your fate. You will be voted out of office at the next possible convenience just like the Congressmen who voted yes this week. For the last six months or more the American people have spoken loudly about how they did not want this “reform” shoved down their throat. The Democrats have ignored the people and the people will remember next election day.