Do you remember when President-elect Obama said his supposed “stimulus” package “will likely save or create three to four million jobs”? Today the US Department of Labor released October’s unemployment statistics and it is not pretty. 10.2% unemployment is what the Keynesian stimulus has brought us. Obama claims he “created or saved” (as if you can actually calculate “saved”) exactly 640,329 jobs. Okay, I’ll give him that. Congratulations on blowing approximately $150-$200 billion of our dollars to reduce unemployment by about 0.4% (640,329 “saved or created” / 153.9MM workers)! The effect on employment of the President’s destructive polices is far greater than even his own fuzzy-calculated 640,329 jobs number.

It is clear that the supposed stimulus and recovery package is neither. It must be repealed immediately. Hopefully we will see actual conservatives run for Congress this next election cycle that run on, amongst other things, repealing the stimulus pork package.

Graphically, here are two charts after the jump showing the unemployment rate under Obama’s careful watch via Gateway Pundit: